16 Roasts That Will Be Felt For Days

Someone turn the oven off.

Being brutally insulted is never fun. At work, school, or even at home. On the internet though, it's no problem. You'll feel like a horrible person after this, but it's all in good fun.

1. She's barely old enough to be roasted


The thread's titles says she's just old enough to be roasted. It's funny that people are already attacking her ability to keep a husband.

2. Blond girls do it best


This is what happens when you're a blond. People automatically think you're full of yourself, and partake in frat house type activities.

3. He's the "other" character


Whenever we pick a character in a game, we have our favorite 3 or so. In life, it looks like this guy is not one of those characters.

4. Dang wannabes


It's true, there's plenty of people with scruffy hair and graphic t-shirts, these two aren't that special.

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