16 Roasts So Brutal You'll Need A Doctor

Boom. Roasted.

If you haven't made a trip over to reddit's RoastMe subreddit, you're missing out on some of the best and worst of what the Internet has to offer. The whole gimmick of the place is that people volunteer themselves to be roasted by anyone who wants to jump in on the beatdown.

It can be a bit of work to find quality comments as many pictures are accompanied with tired, lazy jokes and trolls laughing at how clever they are. But sometimes there are true gems that come from this democratized savagery.

We've got 16 RoastMe highlights here for you but we'll start off a bit gentler before getting into the really brutal stuff.

1. People aren't always original but you can't go wrong with a fat joke


This is a personal preference but I hate when people try to play along with the whole thing and interact with the roast. This one makes me cringe more than anything else.

2. Solving one of life's mysteries


She's got plenty of real estate on that forehead. Might as well fill it with something.

3. This girl looks kind of familiar


That must be a rollercoaster ride she goes on often. "You remind me of a celebrity... It's Jim Carrey."

4. There's just so much to work with


The Trains magazine is a great catch. Good on you, AnonymousFlow.

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