16 Ridiculous And Random Images To Start Your Day Off Right

You seem like you could use it.

It's another day and you deserve a break from whatever you were doing. So what kind of random stuff do we have lined up for you today? How about an Indian reporter who's trying to get fired, a woman on Tinder who will get you hungry, and a bird with artistic aspirations.

1. Why you don't leave kids unattended in electronics stores


To be honest, I used to work in a cell phone store and it's not just kids that do this.

2. These app developers clearly read the reviews


And that's about as great of a response as you could give to that sort of thing.

3. It's always exciting to learn


He's wondering if he's doing it right while she's trying to figure out the magic of it all. Also, can I just say how weird it is that someone even took this photo in the first place?

4. Take a guess as to what that little black dot is


That little thing right there is Mercury. For more cool astrophotography, check out Thomas Klemmer's Twitter.

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