16 Random Bits Of Hilarity To Finish Off Your Week

Have a break, on us.

Welcome to another beautiful day at the PoMoFo palace. Even if it's not great outside, it's perfect in here, as long as you're in the mood for funny and weird pics from around the Internets.

1. Did nobody catch this before printing it here?

The Chive

The wrinkle at the tip of the "T" is just one more detail that puts it over the edge. But seriously, there's already a Pink Panther on there, why do you need another one?

2. How many employees did they lose before putting this sign up?

The Chive

Aye, we lost 12 good men during the great truck departures of 2016. Thankfully, someone thought to put up a sign.

3. This has to be on purpose, right?

The Chive

Because otherwise, Truckin' Movers is a pretty dumb name. Although I can barely move myself out of bed in the morning, let alone move people's contents around. So who am I to judge?

4. Nailing that cool guy at the bar look

Pleated Jeans

I genuinely don't think I've ever ordered a drink that comes in stemware from a restaurant or bar. I'm just not that level of classy.

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