16 Random And Hilarious Images From Around The Internet

Which one's your favorite?

We've got a great gallery of images for you today. "What kind of stuff," you ask? How about the nuttiest safety fail you've ever seen, a real estate agent who rolls with her unconventional name, and a coming out story where the mom roasted her daughter.

1. This is basically marketing 101

The Chive

Sure, the whole thing could use a different coat of paint but he's already standing out from the crowd.

2. If it looks dumb but it works, it's not dumb


I also appreciate the kid in the row behind her who doesn't know what's going on and thinks the picture is of him.

3. Well this seems safe


If this kind of photo is up your alley, you'll love the article below.

17 People Who Are Probably Dead By Now

Just Darwinism, doin' its thing.

4. There's always that one person at the concert


Somebody please get this woman an iPad, at the very least.

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