16 Posts So Dumb You Won't Know What To Do With Them

I think it's time to leave this planet.

We all know that there are stupid people out there. We all know that nothing will stop them once they get on a certain topic. Below, we have a perfect proof that people will say almost anything if given a chance. I'm starting to think that we need a new education system.

1. There is a lot that we don't know about the Solar System but it's not that


Everything was so much simpler when we believed that the Earth was flat.

2. Are you sure about that?


What does that even mean?

3. If facts don't adhere to your world view then it's facts' fault


I think we should try to abolish all the facts and go back to live in the world where we attempt to cure 99% of diseases with leeches. After all, statistically proving that medicines cure diseases is probably offesnive too.

4. I present you the moron of the month


I have a very different opinion. I say remove all the warning labels and see who survives. Even for just a day. It'll be like The Purge except instead of people killing each other, they're be struggling against their own stupidity.

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