16 Posts So Dumb They Ought To Be Illegal

The phrase "dumb as a post" comes to mind.

We've all posted something dumb online we can all agree on that. Especially with Facebook memories, our younger selves had their fair share. Here's to the people who don't think before they post and continue to post that way when someone calls them out.

1. It doesn't make a difference


What she doesn't seem to know is that she herself is a girl, so she will always be an aunt. I don't know how people find this confusing.

2. She did it for $35?


This girl must have really needed money to drink gasoline for $35 and not realize what it can do to you. She also has some strange priorities if she'd rather go to a party than getting help in the emergency.

3. A nice slow clap for this person


It's a good way of thinking of it, but no not really. The best part is the comments on the reddit post are a lot of people that really don't know what it means.

4. Oh boy, this guy


I feel like this guy was poaching for rage comments, on the other hand, it's hard to tell.

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