16 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Smarter

Why read or study when you can just take a look at these people?

They say that common sense isn't all that common and these people might just be the proof of that. But hey, it's a big, confusing world out there, and so what if you if you need a minute to think about the difference between "they're" and "their"? Just be thankful, that unlike these people, your silly mistakes haven't been blown wide open for the whole internet to see.

1. These people thought an app would turn their phone into a fan

Google Play Store

These are the kind of people that make you realize a Slurpee doesn't have a brain freeze warning just to be amusing.

2. This lady might have missed the unit on reproduction in Phys. Ed. class


Just doing some quick math on that: if Kate from Kate Plus 8 had sextuplets that means she would have been pregnant for 4 and a half years. Yikes.

3. This person might actually be on to something


This person might have a good idea, but let's hope he never becomes an electrician.

4. This guy just doesn't get it


But at least he didn't say she's as sweet as a cranberry.

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