16 Pictures That Show Cosplay Is For Everybody

Players gonna play.

These days the word "cosplay" has a tendency to drum up a certain kind of image. We're not looking to tear anyone down or criticize anyone for getting attention. But what we do want to acknowledge is that dressing up in a costume is for anybody who cares enough to dress up in one. There's no right way or wrong way to cosplay.


1. Bishop from X-Men

The Eyes of Aitch Photography

This dude looked like Bishop before he started and he did an amazing job bringing the costume to life.

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2. Chun-Li from Street Fighter

Video Games Blogger

It's kind of funny that we sometimes forget about kids when it comes to cosplay but before the phenomenon hit the mainstream, kids were often the only people we'd ever see dressed up.

3. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog


This Tiana looks every bit the princess she becomes in the modern Disney classic.

4. Fiona from Shrek


Fiona always kicked butt but she hit a new level in Shrek 3D when she put on this battle gear. This cosplayer pulled it off perfectly.

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