16 Photos That Are Too Badass For Words

Somehow I found some way to sum these photos up.

It's not every day that you do really cool things. It's even more unlikely that when it happens there's someone around to capture it. Luckily, someone was there to capture these photos to show the real badasses of the world. Number 16 is the probably the level of badass we all want to be.

1. When you go in guns a blazin'


This is what happens when you have to go all out. Attach the attack dogs to you and let them go at it when needed.

2. When you're American AF


This guy knows how to pose and make it memorable.

3. When your president gets it


This is the President of Ireland, he's 71-years-old and knows how to relate to today's youth.

4. This Bryan Cranston photoshoot


The Cran Man can't do anything wrong these days can he? We thought his awesomeness ended when Malcolm in the Middle did but we were wrong.

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