16 People Who Will Make You Want To Get Tinder

All of these profiles are so interesting.

Tinder is probably the best-known dating app for young people. Outside of the fun that meeting new people brings, there's another side that is very amusing. Users have come accustomed to having some pretty funny, and often crude profile descriptions. It just makes the game all that more fun.

1. This guy has one thing on his mind


He's clearly just looking to hook up. Nothing more, and nothing less.

2. She's putting it all on the table, and hoping for the best


She couldn't be more forward with what she wants to do while she travels. She's basically checked off everything on a young guy's checklist.

3. This girl's crazy


Her nickname was funny at first, but that last line has me questioning her viability as a partner and her sanity.

4. He just wants a real girl


He's tired off all the whiners, and the fakes out there. Can you really blame him? Besides, we all know the right girl is chill and squats.

5. What more could you want?


Martin seems like a really nice guy. The kind of guy you bring home even. If you don't end up doing that, you can rob him blind, thanks to his profile.

6. She just doesn't have any standards


She's trying to attract a certain kind of guy. My feeling is she's in the passenger seat, while her absent father is driving.

7. I thought she'd say something like that


She's just the classic blonde girl in college. She just wants to be by any dumb frat guy's side, to make sure she stays popular.

8. Possible stranger danger situation


This is why you always proceed with caution while you're online. Hard to say if Valerie is just messing with people, or actually telling the truth.

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