16 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Anywhere Near Coloring Books

Is nothing sacred any more?

Have you ever looked at a picture in a coloring book and thought "Yeah, I can make that dirty"? No? Well that's because you're a sane, rational person. Then there are people who create what are called "Coloring Corruptions," which is to say they put an adult spin on the pictures from coloring books.

1. The darker side of Salt Bae


Somehow I don't think a video of three baby birds getting fried is going to go as viral as Salt Bae's original one did.

2. Danish Pumpkinhead


Maybe I'm just not up on my Danish customs but can someone explain to me what that thing he's holding actually is?

3. Eeyore always loved being nailed


This joke has been around for ages but I've never seen it put to paper so graphically before.

4. S is for Summoning


I appreciate the details in this one, like the fact that Zoe's finger got turned into a candle.

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