16 People Who Said, 'Meh Not My Job'

Part-time work on a full-time schedule...

No matter what industry you find yourself working in, we all know that one co-worker who just couldn’t be bothered. It’s even worse when your boss doesn’t see that this co-worker is so lazy that if they had a third hand, they’d need a third pocket to put it in.

We can all relate to pretending to look busy on a Friday afternoon, but for these slackers below, it’s an everyday kind of thing. If there was an award for the laziest workplace performances, these people would just send someone else to pick it up for them.

1. Yeah, I finished plowing the lot boss!


I guess this is where the carts go now. I get that it would be pain to get out of the plow and move the carts... but c'mon!

2. Signed. Sealed. And... uh, not quite delivered?


Kind of funny when a Mr. & Mrs. 'Currier' ask a courier to deliver a package.

3. Editing team says we're good to print guys...


British cycling magazine, 'Cycling Weekly' was in hot water over this one in September 2017.

4. This cinema had one job to do


I couldn't find Sausage Squad on IMDB either...

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