16 People Who Most Certainly Did Not Meet A Celebrity

They're less star-struck and more star-bludgeoned.

Meeting a celebrity can be a big deal for almost anyone, so when the opportunity arises, our judgment may be impaired from excitement. These people were so convinced they were with a celebrity they didn't quite notice a few things not adding up. Maybe it's their clothes, the lighting, or something else - regardless of the reason, it's funny as hell to see people mistake doppelgangers for the real deal.

1. These folks who aren't doing white people any favors.


They probably thought it was Will Smith at first.

2. He looks a bit tall for Tom if you ask me.


Fun fact: Cruise is 5'7. A lot of movies he stars in use camera angles to make him look taller than his co-stars.

3. The Fast Food & The Furious: Drive-Thru Drift


If all it takes to look like Vin Diesel is being a bit doughy and bald, I'm one haircut away from near-stardom.

4. This is one Guy who isn't headed for Flavor Town.


He might be able to pass as the lead singer of Smash Mouth, though.

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