16 People Who Don't Know How Things Work

Everyone, detention!

These people must have failed most of their biology and science exams and if not then they are probably just holding by a thread. I'm pretty sure some of them are still in school, and I hope they will stay there until they learn a lot more than they are showing here.

1. How do men get their periods


For the sake of humanity, I really hope that many of these Yahoo Questions are fake.

2. It's not true love that's a problem here


I don't even know where to start on this one... We can talk about anything from the problems with consent to possibly retarded children, but this person would need a lot more schooling to understand any of this.

3. Yes, they are true idiots


Oh, I'm waiting for the day when he buys eggs and some of them turn out to be broken.

4. Fruits can be dangerous


I sort of hope this person is about seven years old. I remember having this illogical fear of watermelon seeds right about that age.

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