16 People Who Are Way Too Thirsty For This World

Can't anyone quench their thirst?

Whoa, is it getting hot out there, or is it just the internet? We all get lonely sometimes, but we don't need to broadcast it for everyone to see. If you want to laugh at other people's thirst, this is the article for you.

1. Don't make her hangry!


The thing is, she'll still be hungry after eating a cucumber, it's mostly just water.

2. This is so romantic... I think


He's like a poor man's Ryan Gosling with how he pieced this post together. What girl wouldn't want to be with this man?

3. When you need to quench your thirst on the go


Why would they make a water bottle shaped like this? Well to quench your thirst when you're out and about of course.

4. When cereal is cooking


When a guy that makes a bowl of cereal shirtless is what gets you going, you know you need to get some more often.

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