16 People Who Are A Little Too Full Of Themselves

This is what happens when confidence gets out of hand.

Confidence is good, but sometimes it's a bit too much and then no one likes you. No one likes someone who brags about their conquests, or how good they look. That being said, it's always fun to point and laugh at how far people's love for themselves can go.

1. When you think you have real game


This guy wants the world to think that he's good for any situation. I'm sure if he got a girl pregnant, he'd be telling a different story.

2. This is his everyday look


He just wants everyone to know he's not trying too hard.

3. I'm sure you are

Cringe Channel via Imgur

This guy lists that he has this crazy tornado tongue. I wonder if anyone will test this skill?

4. When you're bored in the 'burbs


These run of the mill white kids might think they have street cred, but I'm sure if they got into a bad situation they'd be crying for their parents.

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