16 People Who Are Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

But you can try and learn from the best.

Think that hipsters are cool? Nah. You can take swag lessons from these folks. They know on what side their toast is buttered.

1. This dude and his shirt


How do you know if something is swaga-licious? Well, you just know. And if you don't then go and find this guy. He'll tell you.

2. These three construction workers just feeding pigeons


If you can laugh and enjoy the simplest things you're always going to be cool.

3. This Korean sailor from 1904


Just watch all these hipsters today wanting to be him. He's even wearing hemp clothes.

4. She knows the ways of the world


Did you notice how hipsters are the only group of people that you meet everywhere but if you ask them personally they will be like "no way, I'm not a hipster at all." Just own it.

5. I can't believe how cool this photo is


This photo by Sander Dekker is one of the coolest photos I've ever seen. I want to be them. Both of them at once. #lifegoals

6. If you think that nerds can't be cool then think again


Who else can't wait for the next season of GOT?

7. This dude and his skydiving skills


And his shorts! Where do I get these?

8. This boy and his pet chicken


Let's face it, no matter how hard you try you will never reach his level.

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