16 People Who Are Clearly On A Different Level

There's our level and then there's their level.

We all operate at our own levels of genius or individuality. However, sometimes some of us transcend the average level of wow in the world. These people take fashion, eating and things we do in our lives to the next level. Your first instinct might be to be jealous, but just try and be in awe of these people – you'll enjoy it. Number 12 is a level of genius we should all be trying to ascend to anyways.

1. Are you listening ladies?


He might not be a 10 in the looks department but this guy might actually be a genie. At least when he's vaping.

2. This girl's dress


Is this eco-friendly? Or is it just trashy? I'm sure she won't be impressing any men anytime soon.

3. This guy's shirt


He's like a Russian nesting doll in shirt form. His commitment to coolness is on a different level.

4. This butterfly tattoo


She loves butterflies, but she didn't want the usual little one on her ankle. I think she was going for a "my butt sure is fly" tattoo that her man would enjoy.

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