16 People Having Too Much Fun With Monuments

Tourists think they're so funny.

We all have goals in life, some are to get married, some are to nail that big job when you get older. For others, it's doing stupid tourist stuff like this. Tourists love posing in front of famous structures. They also love to make picture them as being phallic. Strange world we live in.

1. This guy has no shame


This guy looks like the kind of guy who had this on bucket list. I'm glad he could finally check it off.

2. This guy loves it

Total Frat Move

This guy looks like he's up to bat, not sporting a monument sized hard-on.

3. This teacher got in trouble for this

Facebook via Daily Mail

This Canadian teacher was having some fun on a vacation to Washington. When parent's back home caught wind of this photo they had no chill and were outraged. Penny Mueller was charged $500 and warned by the Alberta Teacher's Association.

4. A man on a mission


We all have goals we want to achieve in your lives. This guy is on a mission to do just that. His mission is to travel and take pictures of things is his dick. He even has an Instagram account chronicling his journey.

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