16 People Getting Absolutely Owned By Winter

It really is the season of our discontent.

Even if you love winter (you maniac), there's no question that it poses it own unique set of challenging. Even leaving your front door requires effort. Hopefully, though, you do a better job of conquering winter than these people did.

1. Winter? I don't think I can handle it.


I've seen some handles break off before. Snapping into pieces is a whole new level of cold.

2. How to fail the Pepsi challenge


This is actually a brilliant life hack for DIY Slurpees.

3. The worst time of year to forget your windows down


It's only open a crack. That's a devastating amount of snow.

4. Cool ride, bro


That's either a weird statue or the worst day of someone's life. Feel free to discuss amongst yourself.

Up next: what made this frigid journey worth the misery?


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