16 People Clearly Looking For Attention

Hey, look at me, look at me, hey, hey, over here!

We all need a little attention from time to time. Helps us get through the days and feel better. Sometimes though we make these huge statements that tell the world, yes please look at me. Number 11's fashion statement proves the point really well.

1. This professor's brilliant approach


He knows his material is dry and that he's not that interesting. However, what better way to get students to pay attention than to wear a shirt suggesting it.

2. Makes sense to me


She says she loves knee socks because it draws attention to her thighs. I guess she's looking to get noticed.

3. This Walmart customer


Her heels are a bit much. She's basically skating around the store looking for deals. Just typical Walmart customer attire I suppose.

4. When you're too afraid to really cosplay


We've all seen some pretty bad cosplay fails. To avoid this, he decided to make a big statement. He'll stick out amongst all the Batman and Black Widow cosplayers for sure.

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