16 Nurses Share Their Best Patient Sexual Horror Stories

There's nothing off limits here.

Considering how many different ways making love can go wrong, it's crucial for medical professionals to have an understanding of their patients' sexual histories before moving forward. You'd think that after years in the industry, people would have seen and heard it all but these stories remind us that every once in awhile, you'll meet a patient you'll never forget.

1. Maybe we need to revisit the first question


No, that probably doesn't count but please pay attention this time.

2. Don't eat before reading this one


You'd think that would turn a guy off from going back but you never know.

3. Trust her, she knows her own body


Maybe before anything else, tell them about the cucumber.

4. That last one isn't the only cucumber story you'll read today


Whoaaaaaa. The fact that it's rotting makes this 100x worse than how horrible it already was.

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