16 Janky Knock-Offs That You Won't Believe Exist

Do you still want to save that ten bucks?

Listen, we've all been there. Money's tight so go for the next best thing. But sometimes there are compromises that you just shouldn't make.

1. It's the hit family film of the summer!*


*no, it's really, really not.

This is somehow worse than those knock-off Transmorphers movies. At least they're not trying to teach me anything.

2. I'd buy this album


"What's the deal with this Heart Shaped Box?"

3. You can't sue me if I'm ripping off the other guy too


Somebody did this knowing exactly what they were doing. And that person is a genius.

4. Bulba Fett is probably a member of the...


This is honestly far enough away that I think you could get away with it. That being said, I'm not a lawyer. I do, however, want this shirt.

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