16 Innocent Pictures That Look Dirty

You definitely have a dirty mind.

We all have a dirty mind, even if we don't admit it. It's in our nature to have a chuckle at something that's not meant to be sexual but clearly looks like it is. It's funny, and there's no harm in it. Number 16 definitely will show you how dirty your mind is.

1. The way this couch looks


Is it just me or does this couch look like a butt fresh from the gym?

2. That can't be what this sauce is for


This sauce definitely doesn't work as lube. It's far too spicy and hot for that.

3. It comes in assorted fruit flavors!


Popsicles by natural look phallic, but the end of these really sell the point. Plus, as a bonus, the orange really looks like it's enjoying the lime's company.

4. This cheer squad


No, this is not a dream. What you think is happening is not happening. This is just an unfortunately placed arm that looks a lot worse than it is.

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