16 Images You Need To See On Your Break

Enjoy it!

When you need a pick-me-up during your break, check out our amazing pic dump! It has everything that you are going to need to get some amazing laughs and it is guaranteed to cheer you up. A lot of the stuff here is outright ridiculous but we know that this is what you guys really like.

1. When you buy an extra plane seat for your burger


Let's face it, it's unsafe to travel with a burger that's not securely fastened to its seat.

2. When your face swap is more than you can handle


That's something that he won't forget quickly especially at 3 am when lurkers are around.

3. Did someone say that we should have bought a black carpet?


It might be a secret scheme to get the carpet black after all.

4. The next show I cannot wait to watch


If we can only find someone who could pick up this idea we would have the best TV show in TV history. I'd skip my meals for this.

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