16 Images That Will Totally Improve Your Mood

The best pic dump on the internet.

This pic dump is like red wine, the older it gets, the better... What the heck am I talking about? This pic dump is so fresh that if it was a fish it would be moving on your plate – yuck! Enough with these food metaphors. Wine, fish... all good. Just remember to add some cheese!!!

1. A very long caaaaaaaaat


Rearranging the store displays is starting to become a really popular past time. Should it become a new type of augmented reality game?

2. When you're in the hospital they give you...


How do I get a prescription for this? I'm gonna need a lot, fast.

3. It's time for the finals, keep your emotions to yourself


Unless you're one of those people who actually attends all your classes, loves your profs, and knows that you're going to ace the exam... If not, the fear is on.

4. There are two distinct types of cats


Having animals can be tricky. Sometimes you think you're getting a cat on the left when you're actually getting a cat on the right.

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