16 Images That Will Perk You Right Up

Your favorite pic dump is here.

I have wonderful news for you. First of all, this pic dump is totally fly. Second of all, it's spring and that means no more winter coats for most of us. If there is anything that I don't want to see again for the next eight months – it's a winter coat. Third of all, did I already mention how good this pic dump is? I think I did. Enjoy it, my friends.

1. A secret way to catch Farfetched and Mister Mime


As we know from experience, playing Pokemon can get you killed. But if you like living on the edge, and playing dangerously you may really catch 'em all.

2. The solution to all your post-winter pothole problems


You would think that with the technology being so advanced they would find a way to make some asphalt that wouldn't get damaged every winter and then ended up being repaired every summer just to get damaged again the moment frost hits.

3. How meta can a cookie get?


Seriously though? Aren't regular Oreos already cookies and cream? Hint: they are.

4. This is how to properly eat Peeps


Why are they still staring at me?

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