16 Images That Will Make You Happy We've Got Internet

Pic dump time!

Once again, I found the best and trendiest images online to appease your craving for an amazing pic dump. Check out this collection of images that are guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest veterans of the online flavor.

1. If you actually stop to think about it


We're just so used to poking fun at Batman for having no parents that we never stopped to think how this attitude might affect our society as a whole. This attitude is largely hurtful and insensitive. JK

2. There are some people whose rage you don't want to experience and he's one of them


If Liam Neeson was onboard the overbooked United Airlines flight it would be the security guards who would discover that they weren't welcome.

3. Because everyone loves a nice murder, right?


Here is a fun fact about Hitchcock: he used to love playing pranks on people. Once, he made a bet with one of his colleagues that he won't be able to stay in the studio overnight without getting really scared. The guy, of course, wanted to prove that this wasn't a big deal so they handcuffed him to a piece of equipment and left him there overnight. What the guy didn't know was that Hitchcock slipped laxatives into his drink. Ouch.

4. Don't say we didn't warn you


I hate geese in cities. They are scary and they poop everywhere. Sometimes I wish we were allowed to hunt geese and turn them into dinner.

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