16 Images That Prove Keanu Reeves Really Can See The Matrix

Just a whole lotta wholesome.

Keanu Reeves has a reputation for being a genuinely nice guy. At a time when the Hollywood sexual abuse scandals are at all-time high, he has become a bit of a beacon of hope.

A lot of wholesome stuff about Keanu is a hot topic right now, so we're here to remind you that there are amazing guys out there and that world isn't only filled with disgusting sleezebags. Some of these guys even have the strength to remain unspoiled by their fame and success, and here is one of them.

1. He's friendly


And he poses for a selfie with an ease of a teenager girl.

2. He takes the Subway


There are multiple photos just like that one floating online, proving he's done it more than once.

3. He's not afraid to play with paparazzi when they overstep the boundaries


Just look at that smile!

4. He has a sense of humor


Have you seen David Geffen? No? Then click here.

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