16 Images That Prove Everything On Social Media Is Fake

How many selfies did you take to post one? 100?

With the rise of social media, we've all became semi-obsessed with taking perfect photos. Your new awesome Facebook picture is the difference between two likes and sixty. We all look at the stuff posted by our more popular friends and begin to seriously envy them for all the engagement they get on their posts. Then we copy. And so it goes. The race for the perfect life is on.

1. You're fit but you still can't do that


The yoga divas of Instagram are on their A-game when it comes to crazy poses. I once took a dancer's pose picture on the top of the mountain. It took about thirty takes and I still looked like a retarded pigeon.

2. Women talking about why they need feminism


If your parents are paying for your university degree they absolutely deserve to be listened to when you pick your major. If you want to show that you're a strong feminist you should be honest about how these conversations actually look. And maybe go into a STEM field.

3. Guys are also trying hard


Hiding away anxiety caused by not being able to adjust to what's going on? Put your smile on and pretend that you like using Tinder and women that call themselves edgy but really have exactly same tattoos as all their friends!

4. Trying to make the perfect cupcake


How many cupcakes do you discard before you post that one that came out okay?

5. Mad party for one


Posting on social media really is all about perspective. In this case, quite literally.

6. Do you like to travel and post pictures?


When do people take these photos? At four o'clock in the morning? Or do they photoshop people out of them? If I went there and it was so busy I'd be like, "no thanks, I just rather wait for Trump's wall."

7. Some cute couple photos?


Couple photos are the worst. If you need to take a hundred photos to make sure that the angle, the light, and your facial expression are perfect on one stupid selfie, then how many pictures do you need to take to make sure that you both look okay?

8. No seriously, I woke up like this


Sorry Kim K., I do not believe that you just woke up. Unless, you're sleeping with your makeup on in which case my condolences to Kanye West. Your face will look like a prune in ten years.

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