16 Hot Girls Show Off Just How Ugly They Can Get

Who knew this was possible?

Call it what you will – an unrealistic standard or just a fact of life, there's no question that beauty comes with its fair share of rewards. But what happens when beautiful women decide to throw their natural (or cosmetically assisted) advantages out the window and try to ugly themselves up as much as possible?

Sometimes, you just end up with a funny face but other times, the results are so horrifying you'll wonder how the two pictures came from the same person.

1. From head-turner to Steve Buscemi


If you cover the left side of her face, the photo almost recovers itself but there's no coming back from the crazy eye.

2. There's more than one way to do glamour


I sincerely hope that she uses the latter when she's handing out headshots. I bet she'd get all the gigs.

3. Unique isn't always a good thing


On the left, she's got a special something about her. On the right, not so much.

4. Going from high school prom queen to "it puts the lotion on the skin"


On the right, she looks like an MRA guy who lives in a basement but has strong opinions about Deadpool and feminism.

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