16 Hilarious Pictures To Get You Through The Day

You've got this.

Welcome to another edition of the random collection of images we bring you every day. What can you expect to see today? How about a woman's brilliant strategy for dealing with a cheating boyfriend. And, a guy who was told a christening was a costume party when it really really wasn't.

1. Sometimes the joke is more important than the sale


If I was texting this person, I'd buy this bike whether I needed it or not, just out of gratitude for the joke.

2. This woman is brilliant


Although it does seem like you might be holding onto your anger longing than you have to, rather than just dealing with the problem.

3. 2017 meets 1984


Sure, I'd love a little privacy but apparently, not at the expense of convenience.

4. How to be a genius and also an idiot


My theory is that this person did really well on the test and just wanted to humblebrag.

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