16 Guys Who Are Out To Prove That Men Are Trash

Relationships are not for everyone.

As frustrating as it can be to not be in a relationship, for some people that's where they belong. Being creepy, dishonest, or too weird for words often means you're better off by yourself for a bet to figure your life out.

1. This now-ex boyfriend forgot how reflections work


I'm honestly more upset about his mustache than anything else.

2. Four months after the break-up, he left these pumpkins her driveway


The part she blanked out on the last pumpkin was his Twitter handle.

3. She doesn't need to protect herself, her man is here to save the day


That dude seems pretty interested in man-handling other guys' junk.

4. This over-controlling guy knows how her hair should look


I get the feeling she takes 3 inches already and is about sick of it.

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