16 Girls On Tinder Who Need To Get Over Themselves

Just stop wasting everyone's time.

There's no question that when it comes to Tinder, women typically get the pick of the litter. That's not to say that every guy is a prize but sometimes it does mean that people can get a little too high on their horses.

1. Why are you wasting everyone's time then?


The last thing I need is a mortuary to your broken relationship.

2. This seems like a very specific prejudice


I'm guessing she's already hooked up with everyone in Idaho. For the record, this profile was screencapped in Boise.

3. There's a fine line between joking and arrogance


One makes people swipe right, the other makes people swipe left.

4. She sounds like a lot of fun at parties


I bet her inbox is flooded with matches who just want to send her abbreviated slang.

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