16 Funny And Fascinating Photos To Put A Smile On Your Face

Get the picture?

We cover a lot of cool ground in today's assortment of random, trending pictures. You're going to see art made from a meteor, the most Slav hairstyle imaginable, and a venus flytrap whose eyes were too big for its stomach.

1. Smirnoff's new ad is not messing around


That's honestly a pretty impressive turnaround, from Trump making a statement to someone pitching this idea to getting it approved to getting it printed and posted, all in a matter of days. Well done, Smirnoff.

2. A kid went door-to-door selling this for $5 apiece


I'm not sure what the overhead is on "No Soliciting" signs but that kid isn't just making bank, he's salting the earth behind him.

3. Xbox's announcement at E3 next year, presumably


It's not clear what happens then. Maybe just peppering x's into the middle instead.

4. One death for every real fire seems like a reasonable price to pay


On second thought, it's possible that that part detaches so you just end up wearing a fire alarm stockade around your wrist. That would suck if the firefighter forgot the key.

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