16 Of The Funniest Pictures You'll See Today

How about a little pick-me-up to get you through?

There's not too much to this. It's a bunch of pictures and hopefully it'll give you a chuckle. Let's do this.

1. Someone didn't want to be hugged


At least now we know what the "& so much more!" means on the package.

2. Somebody out there took a chance and it paid off


To be fair, they only missed the deadline by about 6,000 days. It's an easy mistake to make.

3. I could go for some of this wine right now


It's a very specific demographic but hey, that's targeted marketing for you.

4. This warning label makes me very self conscious


Personally, I would have used my hands but clearly my equipment is lacking.

5. Truly ahead of his time


The best part is, this sentence actually confirms perfectly to Iambic Pentameter.*

*not true in the slightest

6. A shocking development


So did she plan on getting that picture printed that huge anyway or was it just because of the hand? Like was she gonna hang a 10x12 picture of her with Tom Felton on her wall? The Deathly Hallows necklace suggests maybe.

7. The world's biggest Law & Order fan


Dun dun!

8. Cite yo'self


You know how I know it's true? Because *I* said it, that's why.

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