16 Foolish People Who Shared Their After-Sex Selfies

Sometimes, you really shouldn't hit that share button.

I sometimes really wonder why people seem to have a strange need to share the most intimate details online. I have no idea why no one can keep anything to themselves. Yes, it's fine if you don't want to share. Yes, it's fine if you have a secret. But this concept is lost on some.

I don't know why these people have posted their after sex selfies online. Perhaps they want everyone else to know that they are getting some. But believe me, with Tinder around, it's really not that difficult. What's more challenging is to have a quality relationship.

Anyway, you didn't come here to be patronized by an essay on contemporary relationships. Here are sixteen people who really wanted to share their sex life online.

1. His girlfriend has some mad knockers


Of course, it's easy if you can make them bigger by just blowing into them. Ups.

2. Guess what they just did


I guess you don't have to. Yes, these people wanted to share with you the glory of a group encounter.

3. I guess she got herself some cute boy toy


I feel like this guy is going to come out in like five minutes.

4. I guess they are all friends with benefits


Is that guy in his boxers smelling his finger? Please tell me that I'm imagining it?

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