16 Dumb People Trying To Sell Stuff On Social Media

Sometimes one man's trash is everybody's trash.

Chances are you've been invited to, or at least seen, one of the Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook. Ideally, it's supposed to be a place where people can, as the name suggests, buy, sell, and trade their unwanted stuff in a public yard sale. Some people, though, aren't afraid to get sketchy about what they're willing to sell.

1. Worth the read


And now I'm down $32 and the cost of a roll of duct tape.

2. The only thing wrong is the broken leg


Best $200 you could ever spend.

3. Today I learned that that's a thing


For awhile I couldn't figure out how she was balancing "never worn" with "took mine out" but I realize she meant the piercing altogether.

4. "No Rules Yard Sale" is right


That's one item that I am undoubtedly never going to buy second hand. I don't are if you say it's "New," I don't care if it's in a box. Also, what exactly is the hand fishhooking her mouth supposed to be doing for me?

5. Better than a joke store!


That's just scummy.

6. Sure, let's just put this out there for the world to see


Although I imagine there are harsh penalties for squealing in the Legit Hustle swap page.

7. Let's count these off


1) Selling alcohol without a license

2) Selling stolen merchandise

3) Requesting drugs in exchange for said stolen, unlicensed alcohol.

Not to mention, he seems to be trying to sell it at above the retail price. What a champ.

8. This hardly seems worth the hassle


As if finding out you can't fill the magnum was bad enough. Do you really want to meet someone face-to-face to get your dollar? This one's got to be a joke.

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