16 Dumb Chicks That Couldn't Be More Wrong

There are some girls out there you don't want to meet.

Some of this stuff... Oh man, I have no words. It's different when you chose to live a trashy life but when the livelihood of your children is impacted that's when it's no longer funny.

Check out these misbehaving women that should really be stopped.

1. That was her daughter's birthday party


I think her friend is probably the same type of mother. This is why she can't tell any difference. It's sad really. When you weren't raised with care this is what you're going to pass onto your children.

2. She's no longer jailbait


Because this is an appropriate thing to admit on Facebook – that you used to be a jailbait.

3. Another wonderful mom


"Go wash your neck sometime," must be one of the best insults that I've ever heard from a girl with a Snapchat filter on her Facebook profile photo.

4. This woman that knows literally nothing about homosexuality


I think maybe you stick your junk into a drain?

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