16 Dating Profiles We Guarantee You'll Want To Match With

Your swiping finger will never be the same again.

If you've ended up on this article, I think it's safe to make some assumptions about you. You appreciate the kind of woman who's going to tell you like it is and is willing to get what she wants. A good-looking picture is probably going to go a long way too.

1. This woman knows how to advertise.


A pretty smile and dirty wordplay? Be still my swiping finger.

2. Adult problems can be such a bore.


Let's all be honest. If it wasn't for H&R Block and TurboTax, we wouldn't get our taxes done either.

3. An A+ reversal of a basic statement.


I feel like I'd be in very good hands on a date with this individual.

4. Either she's saying she's up for a good time or she's showing off a dark sense of humor. Either way, I can see most of you swiping right for sure.


And hey, why can't it be both?

5. Once again, dirty wordplay is my aesthetic.


I've already picked out a wedding ring for Rachel. But shhh, don't tell her.

6. There are different ways of standing out on Tinder. This is definitely one of them.


That may be a little too rough for my tastes but I'll sure be swiping to find out.

7. Betty's not afraid to let you know what's really important.


Be warned. If she's willing to dump her kid that easy, she probably won't hold onto your for long.

8. Alex wants to play a dangerous game.


Part of me hopes she matches with someone who also has a peanut allergy and they have a race to the death. But I am a broken, dark person.

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