16 Crazies Looking For Love On Tinder

Get those left swipes ready.

When it comes to dating on Tinder, it can be tricky to know who's making a joke to stand out from the crowd, and who's actually nuts. Dating apps make this hard because text doesn't offer the same nuances that the spoken word does.

1. Now that's a threat


I think the safer bet would be to swipe left. Maybe don't try to date this one.

2. When it's not clear that she's joking


I mean, obviously she isn't digging up bodies to steal their clothes but what kind of flirting is this?

3. Jeez, what are you the police?


Stop being so damned fascinating, Molly, and we won't be so curious. Definitely should of swiped left. Dating women who can't determine the father of their children or whether or not they're pregnant that late in the game might lead to other accidents.

4. April's done the math


She's put a lot of thought into her algorithm so who are we to judge?

5. How to stand out from the crowd


But if you're into girls with a dark sense of humor and a cavalier attitude about abortion, hit me up.

6. The kind of girl you bring home to mom


Unless your mom is also a Tigers fan.

7. When she makes her Tinder profile picture on Geocities


What? No flying toasters? Hard pass.

8. Gary's a real smooth-talker


Either this guy isn't for real or he's taking negging to a whole new level.

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