16 Celebrities Who Never Age

Follow these celebs to find the fountain of youth.

Being in the public eye, you end up with a catalog of your life laid out for the whole world to see. In some cases, the result is that we end up noticing that time seems to move slower for some celebrities than it does for others. Whether it's just good genes or whether some enhancements have helped along the way is not our place to say. For nearly everyone on this list, there's pressure to look and stay young as long as possible so we're not going to judge how they got there.

1. Pharrell Williams

via Zimbio / Ace Showbiz

You can change the hat but apparently Pharrell's baby face isn't ever going to change.

2. Mira Sorvino

via Alchetron / Celeb Mafia

In going from almost 40 to almost 50, Mira Sorvino is still every bit a Mighty Aphrodite.

3. Elijah Wood

via Alchetron / Vulture

If you were to swap these pictures (one from 2006 and one from 2016), I wouldn't be able to tell you which came first.

4. Tyra Banks

via Zimbio / Hawt Celebs

Looking amazing as always, Tyra Banks reminds us why she's still a top model.

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