16 Celebrities With Uncanny Adult Film Star Doppelgangers

You won't believe how much alike they are.

Since people often seem very keen on watching any celebrity-related adult videos, it's only logical that there would be a big market for celebrity doubles. I have to admit that in the case of these ones the resemblance is truly amazing. I seriously think that I must be seeing double.

1. Zooey Deschanel and Ellie Idol


In the case of these ladies, I think it must be something about the eyes. Even though Ellie is a adult film star, she has the same fresh look of a girl next door as Zoey.

2. Leighton Meester and Tori Black


I don't know if it's just this photo but these women look so alike you could mistake one for the other on a red carpet.

3. Ellen Paige and Ariel Rebel


Ellen Paige is an enigma. She looks like a fifteen-year-old and yet she always plays amazingly strong female characters. Although Ariel clearly has a similar face I would like to know if she's half as tough as Ellen.

4. Gillian Jacobs and Charlotte Stokely


Charlotte Stokley is probably getting a lot of business these days because she also looks similar to Margot Robbie. There must be some Harley Quinn parody movie floating around with her as a lead.

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