16 Awkward Encounters On Tinder

As if dating wasn't hard enough.

When you take desperation and add in the anonymity of the Internet, it can make for a deadly concoction of awkwardness. People should know better but apparently, on Tinder, they can't.

1. Not exactly the image anyone wants in their mind


That doesn't put me in the mood for swiping. It puts me in the mood for putting my phone down and heading to a field somewhere to be by myself for awhile.

2. A swing and a miss


If you got called out on your puns, responding with a pun about being bad at puns is a bold move with something like a 0% chance of success.

3. Apparently this is a thing?


Are people signing up for Tinder in order to fight each other? That's a... creative use of the platform, for sure.

4. Oh yeah, talk dirty to me


I know that you're here to get to know each other and everything but man, that's pretty heavy for Tinder.

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