16 Assorted Pics And Memes To Make You Smile

At the very least, you'll smirk.

Pic dump time! In case you haven't been to PoMoFo before, our pic dumps feature a healthy dose of random, funny and weird pics from around the internet all for your enjoyment.

1. I haven't paid full price for anything in years


Some day, I may run out of aliases but today is not that day.

2. Genius rarely goes appreciated in its time


Maybe you're just hanging with the wrong crowd. I'm sure all the PoMoFo fans appreciate you.

3. Feeling like a superhero

via Imgur

How amazing is it to be living in a time when people are starting to take Aquaman seriously? What's next, a cool Cyclops?

4. I heard you like starter packs

via Imgur

Not gonna lie, I do this, and I'm not about to apologize for who I am. I also wish my hair was that luscious but there's not much I can do about that.

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