16 Absurd Photos You Wish You Could Unsee

My eyes! Somebody poke out my eyes!

We don't always see things that we want to see. Sometimes those things get stuck in our heads and haunt us for a few days, or weeks even. If you have a memory that sticks, you'll be picturing some of the images in this article for awhile.

1. This Woody modification


There have been so many modifications to this version of Woody, that I'm not surprised by this. That face is hard enough to unsee, but with what he's packing now, it changes the character completely.

2. These off duty X-Men

Cringe Channel via Imgur

This is like when Spongebob saw Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy in the retirement home. This will replace the Wolverine we all picture for sure.

3. This sad Minion


The Minions are usually so cute and hilarious. This, however, is not the fun-loving Minon we know and love.

4. Child stand-ins?


When your kids are with their mother, but you still want a family photo.

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