15+ Walmart Denizens You'll See Nowhere Else

These mythical creatures come alive at the Walmart hour.

There's no denying that Walmart can be very convenient place to find almost everything that you need. There's also no denying that stepping inside those doors means that you may be exposed to some different flavors of humanity than you're used to.

Enormous credit goes to the blog People of Walmart for their tireless work in the field.

1. This guy's hairstyle is delicious

People of Walmart

When my parents told me not to take candy from strangers, I don't think it occurred to them that this might be a possibility.

2. There's nowhere he won't go to find the best deal

People of Walmart

Even if he has to find it himself and it smells like farts and sweat.

3. I do have to wonder... why the flap?

People of Walmart

Is this an easy entrance thing? Or an easy exit thing?

4. He may look ridiculous but I'm not about to say anything

People of Walmart

The shaky pictures shows you that whoever snapped this had the same fears I do. I mean look at this guy, he looks like a throwback to the UFC when they were allowed to soccer kick people in the head.

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