15 Times The Term "Daddy" Was Used Oh So Wrong

Call your father.

Alright, so I generally can understand where a trend comes from but this whole "daddy" thing throws me. I mean, I get it but it gets so murky and weird, especially when you can't tell if someone means their daddy or their daddy. This is the kind of thing I'm talking about.

1. I've stared at this one for awhile and still don't understand


Are these matching father-daughter tattoos or does she call her boo a "meanie beanie?"

2. Throwing off a few red flags with this one


Mom clearly does not approve.

3. Love your daddy? Tell him with an unintelligible tattoo


Those don't even match. I think one of them says DAOAR.

4. Might as well start when you're young


And then be remembered for that phrase by everyone in your school forever.

5. If you thought that last tattoo had some problems...


This one is sure to rock your world.

6. Happy Birthday to me


I hope Baskin Robins was a sport about it and gave them exactly the kind of cake they wanted.

7. Daddy issues or daddy's issue?


This one might actually be both.

8. She needs a refresher in biology


And in class.

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