15+ Safety Fails That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

If your life's not in danger, can you really call it work?

Some people are very bold when it comes to safety. They seem to spit in the eyes of danger right until they get into an accident before trying to make a million-dollar insurance claim. So make sure you take a good look at this gallery and never try this at home.

1. Let me just have a look over here...


But it's good that he's strapped to this hazardously placed ladder. That means he knows that safety is a concern. He just doesn't seem sure how to do it.

2. Very safe tree removal


I'm unclear on what's going on here. It looks like the tree was pulled out by a storm but everything around just seems too tidy.

3. I just need to reach that thing over there


Who has the time to use equipment properly?

4. They tied it for safety


In my opinion the fact that he didn't fall yet, defies gravity.

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